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Early Bird hanger key holder envelope holder


A world of creativity is beyond bounds and can be ignited since the moment you wake up … on your commute to work… or within the walls of the meeting rooms… or when you are sipping coffee in your very own backyard.  Creativity is not just about what happens at work but an essential tool in generating a way of living that is fun, clever and harmonized. Moreover brings creativity and interweaves it with inspiration that surrounds us into a line of products that makes every day of your year simply fascinating.

MOREOVER is a home decor brand with a belief that creativity breathes life into our everyday activities. Every piece that we have designed becomes a medium for us to channel our creativity to anyone who owns the piece – from its functionality, the processes in which each piece was crafted, till the intricate ways in which we have sewn our thoughts together. Each piece is a work of art that is created to enhance your home decoration embedding itself well with various styles of interior designs.

MOREOVER believes that “the creativity doesn’t end here” because every piece that has been welcomed into your home requires you to make it complete. Designed in a way that allows you to explore its “creative functions” as it allows you to bring your personality into each of the pieces to best serve its place in your home.

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